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The one and only Virtual Learning Assistance Program that aids in the development of ALL of your child's skills they are expected to learn virtually from their current school program.

What do we do during each session?

During your child's 3-hour session, your child will complete all of their assigned work for that day from their local school under the supervision of a trained teacher.

Do we provide enrichment activities?

Yes! We provide enrichment activities to increase student engagement along with helping your child be successful in their learning journey.

You'll absolutely love our classroom setup!  

Our classrooms are set up as an actual school classroom. Besides students having a personal space to complete their assignments, our classrooms are equipped with resources to help aid student learning.

Due to high demand, our classes fill up ridiculously fast. 

Please register soon to ensure your child receives a spot!

In a rush, click here to complete our registration form.

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