Our School

The Creative Preschool is a private half day program.  


We implement a theme-based curriculum for ages

3 – 5 designed to facilitate learning through hands-on activities both teacher-led and student-led.


The Creative Preschool offers:

We intentionally plan lessons and activities in the areas of language and literacy, math, science, creative arts, fine motor, and social and emotional literacy.  The instructional program is based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence for grades K-12 aligned to Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards.

The Preschool

The Preschool Bookstore is a bookshop with a mix of factual books, picture books, storybooks, and poetry books for preschoolers. ​

Online Preschool: You’ll love our 30-minute morning “Teaching Time” classes where an actual preschool teacher teaches your child with engaging, developmentally appropriate activities during Music & Movement, Story Time, and School Time!  And you’ll also love our 30-minute afternoon “Preschool Pals” classes where your child will play and hang out with real life preschool friends!

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